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TOLEDO, Ohio / February 22, 2024 / AVIATION NEWS – Grand Aire, Inc. recently purchased National Flight Services’ (NFS) FBO assets at Eugene F Kranz Toledo Express Airport (KTOL), expanding its FBO presence with two on-field locations.

The acquisition includes FBO equipment—including fueling and de-icing equipment—and facilities on the east end of the airport where Grand Aire will operate cargo-dedicated FBO operations. This is in addition to Grand Aire’s rapidly growing FBO operations at its existing corporate headquarters on the west end of the field.

NFS still remains at KTOL with an aviation maintenance facility, repairing and inspecting aircraft. Grand Aire and NFS will remain separate companies.

“We are excited to now be operating an FBO dedicated to cargo (GA-East), as well as an FBO dedicated to corporate travel (GA-West),” said Zach Cheema, CEO and president of Grand Aire. “With this investment, Grand Aire is able to further serve Toledo’s aviation community and help drive the region’s economy.”

Grand Aire’s newly-acquired facilities include a 3,200-square-foot FBO terminal with an attached 16,000-square-foot hangar able to accommodate aircraft up to a Citation Latitude. The terminal also features accommodations for guests, including a comfortable passenger lounge, a private area for pilots, a kitchen area with vending options, and complimentary crew cars.

The east FBO also includes a 5,000-square-foot ground service maintenance facility and 195,000 square feet of additional ramp space. To fuel visiting aircraft, the east location features an 85,000-gallon Jet-A fuel storage tank and 17,000-gallon 100LL Avgas fuel storage tank.

As Grand Aire transitions the east-end FBO to its own brand, the company plans to update the building’s exterior, insulate the hangar and upgrade the buildings to LED lighting. Other improvement needs are still being assessed.

Grand Aire also proudly operates out of a newly-renovated FBO at its west-end corporate headquarters. The upgraded terminal includes amenities such as an expanded, modern snacking lounge, executive conference rooms, a crew lounge/rest area, flight and weather planning services (including WSI), heated high-tail hangars, and more. Aircraft and passenger services include, but are not limited to, GPU, air start, de-icing, lav service, catering and courtesy vehicles.

Having a prominent presence at KTOL since 1999, Grand Aire has earned a reputation for supporting the general aviation community with its complete array of services and amenities. As the only full-service, 24/7/365 FBO at KTOL, Grand Aire provides fuel for all sizes of aircraft, as well as cargo handling and executive services.

As an Avfuel-branded FBO, Grand Aire offers a wide range of benefits, including competitive fuel prices with Avfuel Contract Fuel, lucrative rewards with AVTRIP and streamlined transactions by accepting the Avfuel Pro Card.



Grand Aire is led by CEO and President Zach Cheema, along with siblings Shaun Cheema and Rebekah Zimmerman. Grand Aire has grown steadily throughout the years based on a commitment to customer service and the ability to move freight and passengers around the world. Grand Aire employees are among the most experienced and creative professionals in aviation. Whether looking to fly directly to your destination or to expedite a time-critical move, Grand Aire will keep things moving in Grand Style.


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