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The leading independent fuel supplier takes culture of customer care to new heights

Las Vegas / October 17, 2023 / AVIATION NEWS – While Avfuel Corporation celebrates its golden jubilee, it does so with a focus on thanking its customers for 50 years of success, culminating in new highs in the Avfuel Network.

The leading independent supplier of aviation fuel and services has kept a close eye on its customer network, growing its services in line with customer needs. Today, Avfuel conducts business in 149 countries and boasts more than 675 branded FBOs across North America and Europe, making for a 28% market share of branded FBOs in the U.S.—more than any other branded fuel supplier. This network grows extensively when adding in Avfuel’s contract fuel locations, now in excess of 3,500 global locations. 

These fueling locations are stationed at key airports for a robust network within which Avfuel’s flight department customers can fly and fuel. Its contract fuel customer base has grown to more than 6,000 Avfuel Pro Card users, representing 32,500+ turbine aircraft. This makes for an incredibly valuable program for FBOs and flight departments alike. Flight departments love competitive fuel rates and zero transaction fees wherever needed around the globe. Fueling locations love being part of a robust network that loyal card members choose to stay within for flying and fueling. FBOs also save significantly on processing fees (0% on fuel purchases).

From there, it only gets more rewarding. Avfuel’s pilot loyalty rewards program—AVTRIP—now boasts more than 65,000 members. More than 28,000 of these members actively accrue rewards for flying and fueling each quarter. The program was established upon Avfuel’s acquisition of Pride Aviation and, therefore, Pride Bucks—the industry’s first fuel loyalty rewards program of its kind—in 1988. Today, AVTRIP remains the industry’s preferred loyalty rewards program in member experience, ease of use at the front counter, overall communication, ease of online account management, ease of award redemption, and number of locations (525). Since its inception, all major fuel suppliers have followed suit, but only AVTRIP has the breadth of membership to truly make an impact in an FBO’s bottom line, incentivizing greater fuel uplifts while reducing the need for deep fuel discounts.

As its number of customers has grown over the years, so, too, have Avfuel’s services to meet their needs. For instance, not only is Avfuel the only fuel supplier with an in-house OEM for refueling equipment, but it is also proud to maintain the industry’s largest fleet of refuelers at 1,000 units.

To support it all is a team 1,000+ strong with experts along the entire supply chain, from refinery to wingtip: supply, logistics, quality assurance, equipment, sales, marketing, contract fuel, commercial fuel, cargo/freight services, government and military services, ground handling, FBO operations, insurance, flight planning, billing, taxes, merchant services, training, and more. This is a far cry from the crew of three the company started with in 1973.

But ask any of the fuel supplier’s employees and they’ll tell you the company owes its growth and half-century of aviation innovation to its customers.

“From day one, we focused on building a culture of customer care, understanding Avfuel needed to be a people-first business, rather than a product-first business, to be successful,” said Craig Sincock, Avfuel’s president and CEO. “We couldn’t be where we are today without their loyalty, support, motivation and insight. By listening to them, we’ve been able to identify new solutions that forever changed the role of a fuel supplier. While part of Avfuel’s growth has come expediently from acquisitions, much of it has come by nurturing relationships, one customer at a time. Every time a customer chooses to partner with Avfuel is cause for celebration and a huge motivator for our team. So, really, this 50-year milestone isn’t about us—it’s about them and sharing our gratitude for the way they helped shape Avfuel.” 


Avfuel provides fuel and services—including sustainable fuel and initiatives—to the global aviation industry and is the leading independent supplier in the United States. Established as a supply and logistics company 50 years ago, Avfuel is core competent in every aspect that surrounds the delivery of fuel—from refinery to wingtip. Avfuel combines global access with personalized service throughout a fueling network of more than 3,500 locations worldwide and 675+ Avfuel-branded FBOs. Our 100% dedication to aviation demonstrates our passion and commitment to a global community that prospers on the movement of goods and services around the world.

Contact Avfuel Corporation: Marci Ammerman, Vice President Marketing, 734-663-6466, [email protected],,, Twitter: @Avfuel