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Fort Lauderdale, FL. / September 28, 2023 / Aviation News – Sheltair teamed up with Women in Aviation International (WAI) to celebrate Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD). On Saturday, September 23rd, Sheltair hosted over 3,000 next-generation aviators at FLL, DAB, TPA, ECP, SAV, OCF, and JAX, while others in our network partnered with NASA, ACE, and other local WIA chapters to represent Sheltair to share the world of aviation, over twice as many as the previous year’s attendance of 1,200. This marks an impressive milestone achievement where the entire aviation network displayed its commitment to the future of this industry.

WAI held the first GIAD in 2015, a thrilling event designed to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams in aviation and aerospace with unique opportunities to meet female pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers, and other professionals in the field who are eager to answer any questions attendees may have, and even offer mentorship. In the 9th rendition of this annual event, attending guests experienced an array of exhibits, including interactions with flight crews, touring aircraft, engaging in STEM activities, ground-support workshops, and other aviation-themed adventures. Most inspiring were the sponsors that came together, such as airport authorities, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the FAA, MacDill Air Force Base, Phoenix East Aviation, NASCAR, and more. Having a record-breaking turnout, Sheltair DAB partnered with their local WAI chapter to host over 900 attendees.

“The Girls in Aviation Day event is an initiative close to our hearts, aiming to introduce young girls to the fascinating world of aviation,” states Vanessa Miksa, president of the WAI Daytona Beach, FL Chapter. “Our mission is to break down gender barriers and provide a welcoming platform where girls can dream without limits. We firmly believe that every young mind, regardless of gender, should have the opportunity to reach for the skies, both literally and figuratively.”

Sheltair FLL hosted GIAD for the first time this year with the new WAI local chapter, soFLY Southern Tropics, welcoming 450 guests to an immersive aviation experience for the Fort Lauderdale area and surrounding communities. In its third year, Sheltair TPA joined forces with WAI Tampa Bay Chapter, opening its hangar doors to more than 750 attendees, more than doubling last year’s attendance.

“Sheltair is cementing its legacy by giving back to the next generation,” said Sheltair CEO & President Lisa Holland. “It gives me great pride having our entire network host and sponsor Girls in Aviation Day with local Women in Aviation International chapters. The exhilaration of flying and the boundless possibilities within aviation inspire our communities. It’s a privilege knowing that our commitment to accessibility ensures that everyone has the chance to participate in this industry.”

Remaining faithful to its educational and altruistic mission, Sheltair has notably supported Embry Riddle’s Project Liftoff, Aerospace Center for Excellence’s project Skylab, I HART Flying scholarship, and founded the Future Takes Flight Scholarship program with Avfuel. This time, as a proud supporter of WAI and GIAD, Sheltair has continued to deliver on its pledge to champion future generations of aviators and empower the people of the communities it serves.



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