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Avfuel-branded FBOs have been recognized among the best in the business in the 2023 Aviation International News FBO and Professional Pilot PRASE customer surveys, dominating the top spots in each.

Thirty-nine percent of the top-ranking FBOs in the AIN FBO Survey are Avfuel-branded partners—at least double that of any other fuel supplier. Similarly, Avfuel-branded FBOs make up 32% of the top-ranking FBOs in the PRASE survey—10% higher than each of the other three fuel-supplier brands represented. 

Of note, taking the first four places in AIN’s top 5% of FBOs in the Americas are Pentastar Aviation (KPTK), American Aero (KFTW), Sheltair (KTPA) and Banyan Air Service (KFXE), with Sheltair (KFLL, KBJC) and Western Aircraft (KBOI) also ranking among the top 5%. The seven FBOs represent 54% of the category.

In the top 10%, Avfuel-branded locations landed eight places, fully 50% of the category. They are Base Operations at Page Field (KFMY), Fargo Jet Center (KFAR), Sheltair (KORL, KJAX), McKinney Air Center (KTKI), Del Monte Aviation (KMRY), Jet Center at Santa Fe (KSAF) and Lux FBO (CYHU).

The top 20% includes Avfuel-branded FBOs Million Air (KADS), Monterey Jet Center (KMRY), Meridian Hayward (KHWD) and Sheltair (KDAB, KSAV, KPIE, KECP). Overall, Avfuel-branded locations represent 26% of the category.

Avfuel also congratulates the FBO employees honored in the AIN FBO Survey in the Above & Beyond category, 44% of whom provide stellar services within the Avfuel Network. They include:

  • Pablo Garcia, Banyan Air Service
  • Krissy Ross, Pentastar Aviation
  • Kawai Lopez, Monterey Jet Center
  • Dayna Reynolds, Million Air ADS
  • Gene Mcdonough, Million Air RIC
  • Cathy Frank, Naples Aviation
  • Marc Joseph, Sheltair PMP
  • Johanna Echeto, Sheltair ORL
  • Jessica Blakeman, Sheltair OCF
  • Denise Ortiz, Sheltair LAL
  • Ciara Read, Sheltair FLL  
  • Christina Sanders, Sheltair JAX
  • Sebastian Rose, Sheltair DAB
  • Hannah Branda, Sheltair TPA
  • Ashley Rainer, Sheltair BJC
  • Ashley Harris, American Aero  
  • Dawndi Ulmer, Fargo Jet Center  
  • Carlos Rodriguez, Meridian Hayward
  • Estrella Flores, Carlsbad Jet Center
  • Rosemary Gomez, Sun Valley Aviation  

In the PRASE survey, Avfuel-branded FBOs took the top three Best US FBO honors, led by Banyan Air Service (KFXE), Pentastar Aviation (KPTK) and Monterey Jet Center (KMRY), with Million Air (KADS), Denver jetCenter (KAPA) and Naples Aviation (KAPF) in places 7, 9 and 10, respectively. Furthermore, Avfuel is proud to share Monterey Jet Center’s Jason Gray and Kawai Lopez were voted Best FBO Line Tech and Best FBO CSR, respectively.

“We are thrilled—but not surprised—with these results,” Marci Ammerman, Avfuel’s vice president of marketing, said. “We partner with some of the best FBOs in the industry and we see their commitment to excellence every day. In addition to these high FBO honors, many locations received recognition in categories including facilities, amenities and services. We’re very fortunate to work with such dedicated operations and the industry’s finest people.”

About the Surveys

Since 2014, rankings for the AIN FBO Survey have been determined by averaging customer feedback on the following five categories: line service, passenger amenities, pilot amenities, facilities and customer service representatives. To view updated rankings by category and participate in the AIN FBO Survey all year, log in to your AIN account at

The Professional Pilot PRASE Survey is an annual tabulation of customer opinions of aviation ground services. Executives in charge of flight departments, aviation managers, chief pilots, CEOs and other qualified subscribers to Professional Pilot magazine are polled once a year in order to determine the PRASE Winners’ List. Pro Pilot uses a multistep process to ensure accurate PRASE Survey results. Full details regarding scores in each category will be published in the May 2023 edition of Professional Pilot magazine. Expanded coverage with photos of winners and descriptions of activities will appear in the July 2023 issue of Pro Pilot.


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