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In 2021, as a leader in sustainable aviation solutions, Avfuel Corporation announced a formal commitment to sustainability at its own properties by offsetting its annual emissions, in addition to continuing its work on sustainable options for its customers.

In continuation of this effort, at the end of 2022, Avfuel again offset the carbon emissions it generated the year prior from its own business operations, including fuel burned by its fuel transport trucks and corporate aircraft—a total purchase of 3,247 carbon credits.

Avfuel worked with third-party consultants to determine how best to reduce its net carbon footprint, including offsetting the emissions it can’t yet avoid with carbon credits purchased through its own Carbon Offset Program.

Avfuel’s Carbon Offset Program is a voluntary sustainability solution allowing operators and companies to reduce their net emissions by investing in green projects. All eligible projects in the program have strict monitoring, verification and certification requirements to ensure full due diligence and compliance, meeting either the Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve or Verified Carbon Standard. This means all carbon credit investments are certified to be genuine and ultimately feed directly into the environmental projects.

“We’ll continue to analyze how we can reduce our direct emissions as a company,” Marci Ammerman, Avfuel’s vice president of marketing, said. “In the meantime, we’re excited to offset the carbon emissions we do generate by funding green initiatives that wouldn’t take place without the purchase of carbon credits.”

 To further its sustainability mission, Avfuel provides or is working toward other environmentally-beneficial solutions, including expanding the availability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), unleaded avgas and a book-and-claim offering for SAF.  To learn more about Avfuel’s sustainability solutions, visit