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Continuing the company’s pledge to invest in the health and wellness of its employees, guests, and communities, Sheltair announced its partnership with healthy snack marketplace company airfare. After collaborating during this past winter and spring over select events and locations, the plant-based snack options received overwhelmingly positive feedback and will now permanently enhance Sheltair’s pilot lounges and lobbies further supporting its guests’ experience.

Sheltair guests can expect to find airfare’s unique selection of on-the-go snacks starting this Father’s Day weekend. All available products are made from real-food ingredients with no added sugars or oils, in addition to being plant-based and gluten-friendly. Adding these nutritious and tasty options to Sheltair FBOs will provide snacks that encourage happy living and wellbeing.

“Understanding the importance of health to the overall happiness of our guests and employees led us to collaborate with airfare,” said Lisa Holland, President of Sheltair. “We are proud to have taken an important step in our mission of further supporting our guests and employees with something as important as wellbeing.”

Sheltair and airfare have found in each other similar values that have made this partnership possible. Both companies focus on delivering safe and high-quality services and products which have set the foundation and core value of their businesses.

“In the midst of living busy and on the go, we can often forget to take care of ourselves,” said airfare cofounder Justin Steinfelder. “This partnership will help Sheltair guests stay energized and satisfied without sacrificing their wellbeing.”

In recent years, Sheltair has launched wellness programs for its employees and guests throughout its aviation network. The family-owned company is committed to further collaborating with Airfare and continuing to promote healthy living and overall happiness.