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ANN ARBOR, Mich. / January 13, 2022 / AVIATION NEWS – Avsurance—Avfuel Corporation’s in-house aviation insurance subsidiary—celebrated a banner 30th anniversary with its best year to date providing crucial coverages for the aviation community.

Among those coverages, Avsurance notes that cyber protection, crime protection, employment practices liability insurance, directors and officers coverages, and pollution-related coverages are of growing importance for its clientele.

Photo of Jim Coleman, director of Avsurance

Jim Coleman, director of Avsurance

“Avsurance has always been wholey dedicated to the aviation industry,” said Jim Coleman, director of Avsurance. “That dedication and focus has supported Avsurance’s evolution along with the needs of the industry across 30 years. Today, that means providing specialized policies, like pollution-related coverages, for a fully-developed risk management portfolio.”

It’s with a customer-centric approach to business that Avsurance has maintained adaptability across 30 years. Now, the company provides modern-day offerings for modern-day aviators—including standard and niche coverages alike.

These niche coverages protect businesses from gaps in their coverages, from malware and fraudulent threats to potential lawsuits and costly allegations. Of course, standard coverages continue to be integral to Avsurance’s business model and customers—so much so that the team experienced a record year in assets covered in 2021, surpassing more than $2 billion worth of aircraft insured.

“We know insurance and we’re passionate about aviation,” said Coleman. “The Avsurance team is here to provide complete coverage for all types of aviation customers. It always starts with a free consultation, because we understand each client is unique and requires a custom-made plan for risk management. We’ve used this personalized approach for 30 years—and we’ll continue to use this personalized approach for 30 more.”

A leader in the provision of comprehensive aviation insurance, Avsurance is an aviation-focused, single-source access point to a variety of risk management solutions, including specialty environmental insurance products. Avsurance clients include, but are not limited to, fixed base operators, commercial flight departments, scheduled carriers, flight schools, regional airlines, freight/cargo haulers, airports, aviation products manufacturers, helicopter operators, and more.

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