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Fort Lauderdale, FL The Banyan/Sheltair Complex on the north side of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is filling up.  180,000 sq. ft. of new hangar space called Banyan North came online just 14 months ago, and today, it is at 85% occupancy. John Mason, Banyan’s Director of FBO Sales and Client Relations, has worked tirelessly to attract customers and aircraft relocating to Florida for its corporate tax benefits and lifestyle.

“One year ago, we were extremely concerned not knowing the future as airlines hit record lows but little did we know that business aviation activity would take off in Florida,” said John.

Banyan North’s Hangar H has reached capacity with the recent additions of three flight departments and their Gulfstream IV, Falcon 900, Challenger 604, and Learjet 60 aircraft. In addition to the luxury hangar, each flight department also leased hangar office space and has already begun the process of moving in. Banyan North has already exceeded expectations, and Banyan is excited to share everything it has to offer to South Florida’s business aviation community.

Banyan Air Service is an award-winning full-service fixed base operator (FBO) with more than 1 million square feet of hangar and office space within a 110-acre aviation complex. Banyan provides comprehensive business aviation services, including ground services, aircraft sales, heavy maintenance, exterior and interior upgrades, turbine engine service, structural repairs, avionics installations and services, and aircraft part sales. Banyan’s aircraft sales department is the Southeast Sales and Service center for the HondaJet. When visiting Banyan, be sure to check out the world’s largest pilot shop, Banyan Pilot Shop, and dine with a view of the ramp at the delicious Jet Runway Café. For more information, visit