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Avfuel Adds Webinar and Human Factors Course to Training System

ANN ARBOR, Mich. / February 22, 2021 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS – As a leader in fuel quality assurance and safety training, Avfuel Corporation announces updates to its training system, including a supervisory fuel safety training webinar and human factors training course.

Earlier this month, the FAA approved transitioning Avfuel’s high-demand 14 CFR Part 139 Supervisory Fuel Safety Training Seminar to a webinar platform so members of the Avfuel Network can continue to safely train together despite meeting restrictions. Customers can expect Avfuel to host its first webinar version of this training seminar in the third quarter of the year.

Furthermore, the Avfuel team is excited to launch a new Human Factors Training lesson to its online Avfuel Training System by the end of February 2021. The new lesson encompasses two modules for 45-minutes of training material organized in an easy-to-use video and quiz format.

While human factors training isn’t a required element of Part 139 fuel safety training, it is a requirement for operations needing to meet ATA 103 standards. Further, an increasing number of flight department and ground handling customers have decided to require it of their line staff for enhanced safety measures. The Human Factors Training lesson focuses on mitigating human error in operations and ways to improve human performance, including proper health and sleep practices, managing stress and more. The addition of this lesson helps fill a gap for accessible, simple and effective Human Factors Training specific to line personnel in the industry.

“The Avfuel team is always looking for ways to better serve our customers, including adapting our training materials to the needs of the modern fueling operation,” said Buffey Muth, Avfuel’s marketing and program manager. “The addition of the Part 139 Supervisory Fuel Safety Training Webinar and the Human Factors Training lesson is indicative of the Avfuel Network’s dedication to safety and the customer experience.”

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