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January 26, 2021 (Fargo, ND) Fargo Jet Center’s (FJC) flight school soared to record-high training hours and accomplishments in 2020. The flight school reached a total of 5,059 training hours, including 2,980 hours of flight training and 2,079 hours of ground training. These numbers are up 36% from 2019 where we had a total of 3,711
training hours.

“There has been tremendous interest in our community for flight instruction. We receive steady inquiries from individuals either interested in learning more about aviation, earning a private pilot certificate, or adding a flight rating,” says Mike Paulson, Flight School Manager.

In 2020, FJC’s flight school had a total of 161 students with 60 flight training accomplishments. The flight training accomplishments include 26 first solo flights, 22 private pilot certificates, and a mixture of advanced ratings and certificates including instrument, multi-engine, commercial pilot, certified flight instructor, and multi-engine instructor.

FJC’s flight school has a team of nine flight instructors and a fleet of ten aircraft including Cessna G1000 C172s, Piper Archers, a Cessna C182RG, a Piper Seneca, a Cirrus SR20, and a Cirrus SR22.

“We are proud of our team and our students for excelling in a year filled with unexpected changes and challenges,” remarks Tajae Viaene, Chief Flight Instructor. “We are also delighted to offer a variety of training aircraft for our customers, providing them an experience not all flight schools can offer.”

If you’re interested in learning to fly, you can find more information at

About Fargo Jet Center and associated companies: Fargo Jet Center (FJC), headquartered in Fargo, ND (KFAR), and subsidiary Premier Jet Center (PJC), based in Minneapolis, MN (KFCM), are recognized leaders in the provision of aviation services and have been ranked among the top aviation service companies in the world. Both facilities offer a full-service FBO including refueling and ground support, maintenance, avionics, and special mission completions, aircraft charter and management, and upholstery and paint services. Additionally, FJC offers flight training and has U.S. Customs on-site, and PJC serves as the base for the company’s aircraft sales division, Exclusive Aircraft Sales.

Fargo Jet Center and Premier Jet Center are members of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), the Avfuel branded FBO network, and the Paragon Aviation Group network. Exclusive Aircraft Sales is also a member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA). For more information, visit