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At Avfuel Corporation, our focus is a 100% dedication to aviation. We’re passionate about our jobs and the role we play in aviation, connecting people, businesses, cultures and governments. It’s a responsibility that goes well beyond fuel supply.

We take a people-first approach to business, granting easy-access to experts across a spectrum of fields: supply, fuel quality assurance, equipment, insurance, trip planning, credit, taxes, sales, marketing, etc. But what makes these experts unique is their ability to empathize with our customers. And with employees who have been in the cockpit, we’re able to understand better than most the needs of pilots.

We’ve asked our employees to share their experiences as pilots, and we’re excited for you to get to know them. Today, we’re spotlighting Thomas Huehl, Avfuel’s supply analyst.

Years with Avfuel: 3

When and where did you receive your pilot’s license: June 2008, Willow Run Airport, Eagle Flight Center

Is your pilot’s license current? No

Why did you receive your pilot’s license? Growing up, I was very interested in airplanes and flying (I still am today). I began flight training because my career goal at that time was to fly general aviation aircraft.

Do you hold any certifications? No.

What types of planes have you flown? Cessna 172M, Cessna 172S (with Garmin G1000)

What’s your favorite plane to fly? Cessna 172S

What would be your dream plane to fly? P-51 Mustang

What’s your favorite FBO to visit? Executive Air Taxi, Bismark, ND

What’s your favorite location to which you’ve flown? KBAX, Bad Axe, MI

To what place do you aspire to fly? KMCD, Mackinac Island