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As published by Kirby Harrison / Business & Commercial Aviation / June 25, 2019 – Among business aviation’s leaders in environmental responsibility is the Platinum Flight Center FBO and campus at Appleton International Airport — LEED-certified by the U.S. Green Building Association and classified as a Class D Net Zero Emissions Building (NZEB). Appleton International in Greenville, Wisconsin, was one of 10 airports selected nationally by the FAA to participate in an initial Sustainable Master Plan pilot program in 2011. Using goals set by the program, the airport set to work creating a general aviation campus to the south of the commercial passenger terminal that was completed in 2013.

Today, the finished campus is managed by Platinum Flight Center. It includes the FBO terminal, a heated corporate hangar, a storage hangar for housing multiple corporate jets and a ramp with tie-down parking for as many as 100 aircraft. With an eye to environmental concerns, a geothermal heat pump and in-floor radiant flooring optimizes energy performance; refrigerants used in the building’s HVAC systems are none-chlorofluorocarbon compound-based; a 25-kW system mounted on the south facing portion of the roof provides approximately 29,000 kW of power a year; high-efficiency lighting is used throughout the building and well-placed skylights and windows reduce the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. There are also occupancy sensors for lighting and mechanical systems, a rainwater catchment system for water conversation and high-efficiency electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. In fact, using efficient plumbing fixtures resulted in a 40.23% reduction in water demand compared with a building of traditional construction. Landscaping and site work have restored the natural habitat and preserve storm water quality near the building. A light-colored roof and extensive overhangs prevent heat buildup in and around the building, and native and adapted plant species that do not require portable water are used on the building site.

An annual highlight at Platinum Flight Center is participation in EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the largest aviation air show in the world, annually drawing a half-million visitors from 80 countries and more than 10,000 aircraft to nearby Wittman Regional Airport every summer. Platinum accommodates as many as 1,000 aircraft during the show week, a camp site includes shower facilities and charging stations for electronic devices, and there are no addition fees applicable at Platinum for the duration of AirVenture. Platinum is described as a full-service FBO, including: concierge and baggage handling; plane-side access for ground transportation; potable water; laundry service; maintenance; deicing types 1 and 2; preheat and plug-in service; flight planning; passenger lounge; pilot lounge; conference room; and free WiFi access.