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TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, British West Indies / May 21, 2019 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS – Avfuel welcomes Blue Heron Aviation (MBPV) to its branded network of independent FBOs, offering international operators a gateway to paradise with the benefit of Avfuel programs, including Avfuel Contract Fuel and AVTRIP rewards.

Under private ownership since opening its doors in 2014, Blue Heron Aviation has used first-in-class facilities, professionalism and customer care to attract the majority of the island’s discerning travelers. Its experienced staff provides the warm island hospitality vacationers from around the world deserve when landing on its ramp, with a level of personalized service and attention to detail unmatched by others.

“Our ethos is ‘Safety & Service First,’” said Roger Murphy, Blue Heron Aviation’s general manager. “This ethos permeates every decision we make at Blue Heron Aviation—which includes our decision to partner with Avfuel as a branded location, as Avfuel also embraces a customer-first approach. This can only benefit our operation and those who choose to fly in to our FBO. Our customers will continue to enjoy everything they love about Blue Heron Aviation now, but with the added benefit of Avfuel solutions backing our operation, including fuel and loyalty rewards.”

Conveniently located mid-field on the south side of the runway, Blue Heron Aviation provides expedited departures and quick access to everything on the island—all within 20 minutes. The FBO features a state-of-the-art 7,000 square foot building built in a contemporary design for the modern world traveler and 12 acres of paved aircraft parking able to accommodate up to a Boeing 757-200. Its team represents more than a decade of professional ground handling and fuel services (initial NATA training), and its services include concierge care, aircraft cabin cleaning, catering, coffee and ice, foreign newspapers, dishes, laundry, a luxury lounge, and conference room.

To further enhance the international operator’s experience, Blue Heron Aviation also provides a streamlined customs process with a private entrance to the onsite facility. Arriving guests are processed within minutes of touching down with much of the paperwork completed in advance and ground transportation awaiting less than ten steps from the door. Departing guests simply drive directly to their aircraft, avoiding any type of hassle—though complimentary refreshments are located inside, should they wish to pop in prior to departure.

With this array of amenities backed by unmatched customer care and hospitality, no other operation in the British West Indies is better suited to serve the discerning needs of international operations.

“Part of what I love about this job is meeting people from around the world,” said Murphy. “We frequently serve traffic from all across the globe—particularly Europe and North America—and have a keen sense of their unique needs. Being a part of connecting these differing cultures with the culture of island life is rewarding, and we aim to make that connection as seamless as possible from customs to concierge and everywhere in between.”

Joel Hirst, vice president of sales for Avfuel Corporation, said, “We’re pleased to welcome this upstanding operation to our family of Avfuel-branded locations. Blue Heron Aviation provides operators a premier experience in a key destination location and we’re proud to raise the Avfuel sign as partners.”


In November 2014, Blue Heron Aviation opened its doors as the Next Generation of FBOs for the Turks and Caicos. In just a few short years, it has captured more than 50 percent of the discerning private jet travelers coming to the islands and all through the hard work of its team of professionals—the majority of whom are born or long-term residents of these islands. That team specializes in its personalized service and attention to detail. There is no automated telephone system—your calls are answered within three rings! And we promise to acknowledge you within 30 feet of our concierge desk. Every flight is met by our concierge team and often by the GM or deputy themselves. We truly “Put the Customer First”—and those customers are to be found both in the front and the back of the aircraft. We aim to please all.

The Turks and Caicos general aviation market continues to see substantial growth year over year and we anticipate that this trend will continue. On behalf of all of the team—we say, “Welcome”.


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