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First HondaJet Elite with Gogo AVANCE L3 Wi-Fi Installed by Banyan

Fort Lauderdale, Fla – Banyan Air Service is pleased to announce the completion of an installation of a Gogo AVANCE™ L3 Wi-Fi system in a HondaJet Elite; the first install of its kind in the country.  This project was strictly a standalone avionics install and was quoted with respect to man hours at 15 business days.  This install provided inflight connectivity domestically for a startup charter business whose dream is to move into a fleet of HondaJets (10+).

“We completed the install a day earlier than anticipated and the customer was thrilled with the results, seeing the aircraft return to service completed, washed, waxed and fueled on the front line” said Danny Santiago, Banyan’s Avionics Manager.

The week after delivering the above HondaJet Elite, Banyan accepted another HondaJet Elite to perform a hybrid installation.  Banyan committed to a 14-15 day projection for the hybrid installation due to other inputs; however the team worked six days a week, for 10-plus hours a day, and completed it in 11 days. The hybrid installation allows the customer to upload real time data and engine trend information via the Gogo AVANCE platform.  During the next few weeks, the customer and vendors will be continuing the research and development on the systems and its information provided.

“If the system extracts and transmits the data as required by the equipment manufacturer, engine manufacturer and aircraft manufacturer, this could streamline the way the engine warranty programs work in order to maintain warranty coverage,” says Santiago.

Banyan has completed more than 20 Gogo installations to include air-to-ground (ATG) systems and AVANCE L3 and L5 platforms. Gogo AVANCE L3 offers a small form factor, and is a fully integrated in-flight connectivity system ideal for light to mid-size aircraft. Gogo AVANCE L5 boosts the performance to three times faster for a more robust 4G experience.

Banyan’s avionics department specializes in avionics installations, repairs, and modifications; including, FANS, ADSB, High Speed Data solutions, In-Flight Entertainment upgrades, Glass Cockpits, LPV/WAAS upgrades, Flight Management Systems, Satellite TV, Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems, Multifunction Displays, Satellite Communications, Iridium, and Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems.

Banyan is certified FAA WD4R618M and an EASA repair station, with additional repair station designations for Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. Banyan’s avionics department is offering cost effective quotes, solutions and alternate approved routes for approvals in foreign countries to ensure ADSB mandate deadlines are reached.

In addition to avionics services, Banyan at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is well known as being an aviation complex providing comprehensive aviation services.  The MRO department provides services for turbine airframe and engine maintenance including HondaJet, Challenger, Hawker, Falcon and Citation airframes.

Banyan’s aircraft sales department specializes in aircraft selection, valuation, and negotiation of turbine aircraft and is the Southeast sales and service center for HondaJet.  Banyan’s parts department can locate hard to find parts at competitive prices. Banyan Pilot Shop is the world’s largest pilot shop and Jet Runway Café is a breakfast and lunch dining experience.

Banyan is recognized by Pilots’ Choice Awards as the #1 FBO in the Southeast and in Aviation International News in the top 10% of all FBOs in the nation.  For more information, visit