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The Av-family got in the spirit of Halloween this past Friday (October 26) with a competitive costume contest. What was scarier than some of the outfits of choice? Some of the Avfuelers’ answers to a frighteningly difficult trivia game. Here were some of our favorites (bold answers are correct):


What was the name of Dracula’s sidekick?
  • Avfueler A: Jane
  • Avfueler B: Igor
  • Avfueler C: Yikes! Igor? Van Helsing? All wrong
  • Avfueler D: R.M. Renfield
Who was the first actor to play Wolf Man?
  • Avfueler A: Michael J Fox
  • Avfueler B: Lon Chaney Jr.
  • Avfueler C: Certainly not Hugh Jackman (but I’m gonna guess it anyway)
  • Avfueler D: Lon Chaney Jr.
What do Halloween colors (orange and black) signify?
  • Avfueler A: Halloween Spirit
  • Avfueler B: Orange – changing colors of fall and pumpkings; Black – witches and black cats
  • Avfueler C: Pumpkins and Night! (lol)
  • Avfueler D: Orange means fire cutting through the darkness of night. Black is the color of darkness and death.

While we may not know the most about Halloween [except for Avfueler D … she was on fire] we certainly have a plethora of in-house experts on hand for all of your aviation needs, from marketing and supply, to taxes and contract fuel, and everywhere in between. So the next time you need some av-support, who you gonna call? Give Avfuel a ring! (734.663.6466)