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Avfuel Doing Its Part to Address Industry Fuel Contamination Issues

ORLANDO, Fla. / October 16, 2018 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS –  Having invested considerable time and capital on an expert suite of in-house resources for fuel safety and quality assurance education and training, Avfuel Corporation has made it a focus this year to bolster support with cost-effective and even free online training with easier access for all fueling partners, including FBOs who previously lacked resources to attain proper training, trucking companies and aircraft operators. This effort is parallel to continued, in-person regional FAA-approved fuel safety seminars, 24/7 expert quality assurance support, and ongoing collaboration with key aviation organizations. Together, these resources and services provide Avfuel’s fueling partners with accessible tools to help address industry-wide fuel contamination issues and mitigate such risks with best fueling practices for safe operations.

As part of this effort, the Avfuel Training System (ATS) features access to online FAA-Approved Part 139 Line Fuel Service and Supervisory Fuel Service Training courses at an affordable per-year subscription basis (unlimited number of users) as well as free fuel safety lessons and operational courses.

Both the FAA-approved program and the free fuel safety program include training topics to help mitigate fuel incidents, including an extensive course on the proper usage, labeling, storage and handling of aviation fuels and additives, as well as additional comprehensive training focused entirely on fuel system icing inhibitor’s proper usage, storage protocols and handling for added safety measures.

Other training topics include: fuel handling and fire safety; contaminants and fuel testing methods; procedures for receiving a load of aviation fuel; aviation fueling components; fuel storage systems; mobile refueling equipment; aircraft fueling and general operations, including misfueling prevention; and record keeping best practices.

The courses are available via a new, intuitive, state-of-the-art online learning environment that allows management to more easily centralize, oversee and implement staff training with the use of comprehensive videos and downloadable resources. The training system is a practical option for FBOs facing fiscal or resource limitations that might otherwise affect sufficient employee training, particularly as FBOs continue to face high turnover challenges. Furthermore, with the new system, remote locations are able to take advantage of reliable playback even with compromised or limited connectivity.

“The new online ATS features a more advanced, yet simplified learner and manager dashboard,” said Buffey Muth, Avfuel’s marketing manager. “The system is accessible from any device and features a knowledgebase, a quick-reference tool, more efficient management tools, easier reporting and other conveniences, including video training solutions for a more tailored classroom training experience if desired.”

Altogether, Avfuel offers customers more than 40 hours of training and utilizes in-depth videos and resources for each employee to train at his or her own pace for the ultimate trainee and trainer experience.

“As a leading fuel supplier with a 30+ year veteran team of in-house fuel safety experts, we have a very real responsibility to share all the safety knowledge at our disposal to help combat industry-wide concerns,” said Muth. “This system allows us to more easily share that knowledge and more effectively strengthen our partners’ fuel safety training programs.”

To this end, Avfuel has extended access to the ATS to trucking companies, along with its branded FBOs and other fueling partners. This ensures that Avfuel’s vetted haulers have access to reliable fuel safety training resources so they can better understand, uphold and check proper fueling procedures at the terminal level and drop-off point at FBOs.

Along with the ATS, Avfuel values a hands-on approach to fuel quality assurance, capitalizing on its experienced in-house team. Avfuel’s QA department continues to host its popular FAA-Approved Part 139 Supervisory Fuel Training seminars throughout the country multiple times per year and offers 24/7 fuel quality assurance support to help troubleshoot fuel handling and storage issues. Furthermore, Avfuel’s fuel quality assurance team has historically been an active collaborator with key aviation organizations—from manufacturers to trade organizations and everywhere in between—to help support fuel quality initiatives in the industry at large. In this way, the QA team acts not only on behalf of Avfuel, but also as a representative for FBOs with a keen understanding of the meticulous procedures its branded partners must follow on a daily basis for safe operations.


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Contacts:            Avfuel Corporation: Marci Ammerman, Vice President Marketing, 734-663-6466, [email protected],,, Twitter: @Avfuel