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Today, Avfuel had its annual flu-shot clinic at its Ann Arbor headquarters. It’s hard to believe we’ve already gotten to that point in the year—after all, it may have been just last weekend you were headed to the beach. But the fact of the matter is, summer is winding down and fall is in full force (as evidenced by certain early adopters with pumpkin-spice auras).

While many can get behind what fall represents—football, bonfires, the holiday season peering around the corner—those in the aviation industry know too well the hassle of falling behind due to flu season, which also happens to be many airports’ heavy-traffic season.

Here’s a reminder on how everyone—FBOs, flight departments, pilots and passengers alike—can try to avoid the bug this year.

  1. Be proactive: There are a multitude of ways to boost your immune system and stay healthy. Consider some or all of the following—the flu shot, daily vitamins, better nutrition, staying active and staying warm with proper gear (for those in cold climates). When we take care of ourselves, our bodies are better able to function and fight off any germs we come across. And when we feel good, we’re also in a better position to serve our customers.
  2. Get some rest: Our industry is fast-paced, which means it’s important to find the time to get proper rest so we can keep up with it. Make sure you get enough sleep each day. Pilots, consider flying in to an FBO that has a snooze room for a little respite. We have to keep ourselves charged if we want to stay healthy.
  3. Disinfect: Keeping a clean facility (and aircraft) becomes that much more important during flu season. It’s not just about appearances, it’s about health and wellness. Take the time to disinfect your workplace (concentrate on countertops, doorknobs, phones and other high-traffic areas) to keep yourself, your coworkers and your customers healthy. Practice proper hygiene, washing your hands often. And consider having hand sanitizer on the ready for yourself and customers.
  4. Be prepared: Keep some basic remedies on hand in the event someone starts to feel unwell. FBOs and flight departments, consider keeping a well-stocked first-aid kit in your facility or on board with cold/flu/allergy remedies. FBOs, know the location and hours of your nearby medical clinics so if a customer isn’t feeling well, you can efficiently help direct them to the doctor’s.
  5. Stay home: If you find yourself feeling unwell, one of the best things you can do for yourself and others is just stay home. Get some rest, practice self-care and avoid spreading your germs to others.

We at Avfuel are wishing you a happy and healthy end to your summer—it’s time to enjoy all fall has to offer!