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Five reasons an aviation-only supplier benefits you.

Did you know that Avfuel is the only fuel supplier that’s 100 percent dedicated to aviation? “But why?!” you might ask. Because honestly, we’d be crazy to do anything else. Because it’s crazy not to focus on your passion and ours has always been aviation. But this isn’t just about us. A 100 percent dedication to aviation has some insanely advantageous benefits for our customers as well, and we’re not willing to compromise on that.

From flight operators to FBOs, here’s just a few ways you benefit by partnering with the definitive aviation expert.

  1. No resource sharing. Because aviation isn’t just part of what we do, it means that all of our resources are funneled into services and solutions that directly apply to your business and the industry we love. With Avfuel, you’ll never be just a number—just a fraction of our business. Your business IS our business. It also means every investment we make is an investment in our industry. It’s unmatched dedication.
  2. Tailored solutions. We’ve always got our ear to the ground, listening to our customers’ feedback and needs; by maintaining our focus on aviation, we’re able to create and further develop more solutions that directly benefit our flight operators (contract fuel, AVTRIP loyalty rewards, Avplan International Trip Support), our FBOs (branding, supply, training, sales, marketing, insurance) and the industry at large (alternative fuels, distribution methodology, trend-setting show presence). When we stay zeroed-in on aviation, we can turn new products and solutions around faster than anyone else.
  3. Our successes are shared. The only way our business succeeds is if your business succeeds. That means we’ll do everything in our power to act as a true partner—even an extension of your team—to help your business soar, whether that means increased sales as an FBO or more efficient operations as a flight department. Remember, we only do aviation. There is no other area of business.
  4. The personal approach. We have the time and resources to provide you with the personal touch you deserve. In the Avfuel Network, you’ll truly feel like part of the Av-family. Our sales personnel make your business their business, and all of our divisions are just one call away—seriously, they’re all in-house, so you can talk to the whole family with just one call. And when you call, you’ll be greeted by a familiar Av-voice, not a machine.
  5. We’ve got an expert for that. Every employee is an aviation expert: whether that expertise is in supply, logistics, quality assurance or any other host of services offered. We’re not just experts in marketing, we’re experts in aviation marketing. We’re not just experts in insurance, we’re experts in aviation insurance. The little nuances of our industry are not lost on us, and our niche manner of expertise helps us excel and share our knowledge with you; that knowledge can then be applied directly to your operation.

To discover more about how our businesses can connect, we invite you to peruse the rest of this blog, visit or give us a call to talk to that in-house expert who knows better than anyone else how to best fulfill your aviation needs (734-663-6466).