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At Avfuel, we know better than anyone that fuel is fuel. What can really separate a company apart from its competition is its level of service. Providing exceptional service is one of the best ways to foster and maintain customer loyalty, which begs the question: are you making these five mistakes?

1. Not leading by example. Whether or not you’re a part of the management team, you should be leading your fellow colleagues by example. This means ensuring customer service is always top of mind and performing your job in a way that best represents your company.

2. Making the customer come to you. The next time a guest walks through your door, get out from behind the counter and greet him or her at the door. There’s a big difference between making the customer approach you and you greeting the customer immediately. It sets a friendly, professional, confident tone.

3. Not smiling. It may seem like common sense, but always wear a smile on your face! It truly is contagious. Show that you’re approachable with a warm smile and your customers will sense that you’re there for them and attentive to their needs.

4. Not knowing how to handle the tough situations. Is everyone on your staff prepared to handle a tough situation with grace and ease? A disgruntled customer is your greatest opportunity. How you handle the situation will define your relationship (for better or for worse) moving forward. Avfuel has a great four-step plan for handling any difficult situation as taught in the customer service portion of the Avfuel Training System. Learn more about the ATS here.

5. Not being prepared. Always keep the whole picture of your facility in mind. Is your coffee fresh? Is the lobby tidy? Is the floor clean? Are the toiletries stocked? Does the printer in the flight-planning room have toner? These little details can either make for a smooth trip when well prepared, or a disastrous experience when left unattended.  

These five simple tips are just a few of the applicable customer service lessons customers can learn from the online Avfuel Training System. If they seem like no-brainers, then all the more reason you should be doing them every day with every interaction.