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There are a host of advertising mediums to consider when planning your marketing budget. Each varies in cost and audience type. To truly understand which advertising medium best suits your needs, analyze the cost benefit: are you getting what you need for the price? Is it the best value? A few advertising mediums to consider include:

Digital ($$)

AirNav, FltPlan and online industry publications, including AINOnline, BlueSky Business Aviation News, Pro Pilot, BART, BAI, etc.

Print ($$$$)

Industry publications including AIN, Pro Pilot, AC-U-KWIK, etc.

Apparel ($$)

Allocate resources to personalize uniforms with logos.

Signage ($$$$)

Ensure your location has proper signage inside and out so those flying by are aware of your brand.

Event Signage ($$)

Did you know Avfuel hosts event parties every year at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition AND NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference? Co-exhibitors have the opportunity to sponsor these parties to get their brand out in front of thousands of prospects.

Email Communications ($)

Sending out targeted emails only costs the price of your email server and your time.

Mailers ($$)

But sometimes it’s nice to send customers something a little more tangible. Email inboxes are often inundated with messages everyday—well-done mailers are still effective tools for getting your message across.

Promotional Products ($$$$$)

People love free items—especially those that are actually useful. Take the time to think about what your customers would use often to stay at the front of their minds (USB thumb drives, vehicle ice scrapers, high-end water bottles, etc.). Give them out at your FBO or a special event.

Google AdWords ($$)

This is a cost-effective way to ensure your FBO is at the top of the search engine list when prospects search for keywords of your choosing.

Avfuel Network Scheduled Marketing (Free)

Dependent on space, Avfuel can place you in an array of its scheduled marketing items, including Contract Fuel and AVTRIP E-Newsletters, web banners, and Pro Card Activity Report Features.

AVTRIP Promotion ($)

Run an AVTRIP Promotion to reduce the need for discounts and get free advertising; your coupon will be placed on the AVTRIP Bonus Points Opportunities page.

Customer Service Training ($$)

Invest in your operation with valuable customer service training opportunities that will help you secure loyal business. Avfuel now offers an online customer service training program for branded dealers through the Avfuel Training System.

On-site Promotions ($$$$$$)

WOW your guests to create a memorable experience with on-site promotions. The possibilities are endless—do a gift giveaway, have swag on hand, host a tailgate if you have a popular home team, etc.

Need some assistance? Avfuel marketing would be happy to help, starting with ideation. There are plenty of advertising options for both traditional and new media—often, what works the best is multiple touch-points through a mix of the two. Know what you want to accomplish and who you want to reach in order to understand where your resources are best spent.