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If you’re like us—you’re bombarded with newsletters and news articles each day. There’s no way you could possibly read them all! We’re making it easy for you. Here’s some of the aviation news stories that made us stop to read more:

Puppy Eyes You Can’t Resist

Freekibble Flight to Freedom saved more than 70 homeless dogs from hoarding, overcrowded kennels and kill zones in Texas and Oklahoma. The 1,000 mile trip ended at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan—an animal-adoption friendly state—at which time the animals were ground transported to humane society shelters throughout west Michigan.

(Photo: Elaine Cromie, Special to the Free Press)


Put it on Your Binge List

Netflix released a new documentary on April 20—Mercury 13—following 13 of the 25 women who were part of the canceled 1961 Pensacola female aviation program that would have made them some of the first American astronauts. When NASA canceled the women’s training program in September of 1961, only men were selected for the spaceflight. None of the women ever made it to space.

(Photo: NASA)


Contagious Wanderlust

We’ve always said aviation is about connecting people—and this experienced travel and lifestyle writer would agree. Margie Goldsmith has spent 25 years visiting nearly 120 countries on seven continents. She is full of stories and knows how to captivate an audience in this overview of a very frequent traveler’s career thus far.

(Photo: Margie Goldsmith, BJT Online)