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As an FBO, one of the best ways to accommodate more customers—thereby increasing revenue and offsetting operational costs—is to have the capability to stack your hangar. By fitting more aircraft into your existing space, you’re able to increase your revenue per square foot and hopefully attract more tenant or transient traffic—what could be better?

Of course, the ability to do this safely requires a towing unit that offers greater maneuverability. This is an area in which Tronair excels. Its Tronair JetPorter offers FBOs a unit that provides a smaller turning radius and requires less space to operate, thereby improving the ability to stack a hangar. And just as importantly, this unit features regenerative braking, which helps the unit come to a gradual, controlled stop. This helps reduce the risk of wingtip shift, which could be harmful to adjacent aircraft in a tightly-packed hangar. With the Tronair JetPorter, line staff has greater control over its precious cargo, making operations more efficient and cost-effective.

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