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When choosing where to fuel, three major factors include location, benefits and cost.

Location. Modern jets are much more fuel efficient, meaning the ball is now in your court—you get to be choosy. Take into consideration the larger picture of your flight plan to decide which location makes the most strategic sense from which to fuel. If you can make it round trip, home-base is often a great place to fuel. If your destination or cross-country pit stop is offering a superb deal, that may be the place to choose. Call ahead and let them know you’re flying in—some locations, including those that offer Avfuel Contract Fuel—will work with you on special pricing or offer an incentive, knowing your choices are almost endless.

Benefits. Consider the benefits of a location. Do they offer an advantageous rewards program? Will they waive ramp fees for taking fuel? Are they backed by a reputable fuel supplier that offers top-of-the-line insurance and rampside training? These are important considerations that are often more valuable than saving a few cents per gallon.

Cost. Finally, consider cost. With various fueling databases right at your fingertip, it’s simple to find the most competitive price at every location you need. Some databases will even compare across FBOs and programs for you, making fuel-finding time- and cost-effective.

Hidden costs. But the most obvious cost of fuel isn’t always the most important to consider; be sure to look for hidden costs. Your evaluation should include a review of additional charges, such as card processing fees, interest rates on late payments, credit extensions, proper tax exemption and compliance, and appropriate product liability insurance.

Taking the time to think through your fueling choice in terms of location, benefits and costs (both obvious and hidden), can make for a more valuable fueling experience.