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What trip planner can deliver? It’s a question flight departments frequently ask when charged with filing complicated, multi-leg, international trips that require anything from immunizations to overflight permits and potential weather challenges. After numerous discussions with flight departments, from two-aircraft operations to vast fleets, a few themes seemed to consistently resonate with them on the key elements under consideration for an optimal trip-planning experience.

1. What planner really “had them at hello?”

Choosing a trip planner that actively listens and has the expertise to identify needs during the first few minutes of an initial call is paramount.  No flight department wants to struggle through communication; they want a company that makes conducting business feel easy.  One way to ease the process is to choose a trip planner that doesn’t departmentalize its staff, such as Avplan Trip Support.  This ensures operationally sound staff members answer every call and can handle any issue. To find out if a company is non-departmentalized, ask: “Are you an operations support staff?  Will you be supporting my actual trip?  How many years of experience do you have?” Answers to these questions reveal a lot about a company’s structure and its ability to assist on every level.

2. Quotes, quotes, quotes.

How can flight departments be sure the final bill will match the quote?  First, consider the reasons for inaccurate quotes:  the usage of out-of-date data, non-transparent quoting, computer automation, or inexperienced sales and accounting staff.  Flight departments could uncover hidden costs themselves by asking for all the fees they should expect on the final bill, but why not go with a trip planner that never has hidden costs?  Avplan Trip Support guarantees complete transparency on every quote.  Though it may not be an immediate, computer-generated estimate, there won’t be unexpected surprises when the bill arrives. In addition, Avplan employs experienced trip planners with a comprehensive understanding of the process; these operational experts complete every quote and support every trip.  This non-departmentalized structure allows for accurate, transparent, up-to-date quotes.

3. Buy Fuel and Save.

Flight departments are also concerned about fuel cost; however, many don’t realize that coordinating trips with a supplier-owned planner could save them significantly.  Backed by Avfuel Corporation, Avplan Trip Support can offer fuel cost-savings on nearly every leg of the trip. As a supplier-owned trip-planner, Avplan also provides an expansive network of branded FBOs, and is familiar with FBOs’ operations staff, available amenities and services.

It is clear flight departments need a company that: a.) is non-departmentalized; b.) offers transparent quoting and accurate billing; and c.) can lower fuel costs with an expansive FBO/handler network. The planner must be available to offer such services 24/7/365—between time changes and global regulations, finding a company that is always available isn’t only a matter of convenience, but a matter of safety.

So, what trip planner can deliver? A company flight departments mentioned repeatedly in conversation that meets these important requirements is Avplan Trip Support.  As an Avfuel company, Avplan leverages all of the services Avfuel offers as a comprehensive fuel supplier to handle high-demand trips. With personalized care and an engaged staff, for small trips and complex trips, it’s worth a call to check them out.