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In an ever-changing landscape where chains are growing and networks are forming, it can get confusing keeping straight what FBO belongs with which company or is affiliated with which group. While they may seem similar, there are vast differences between a chain of FBOs and a network of FBOs.

The big difference here is ownership. Each of the FBO locations in a chain are owned by one organization—such as Sheltair, Atlantic Aviation, Signature, TAC Air and more. That organization has direct, final-say control over pricing of services and amenities, as well as promotions, programs and discounts.

On the other hand, a network is more like a partnership. While the organization that brings FBOs together into a network provides its FBOs with quality product and support, the FBOs remain unique and have the final say in their product price, services offered and program participation.

That’s how the Avfuel Network works. It gives its FBOs the tools they need to succeed and attract business, but the FBOs maintain control over their operations. It provides independent FBOs the means necessary to compete in a market of large chains. Of course, chains can also be part of a network—as Sheltair is part of the Avfuel Network—providing a slew of services and acting as an extension of their internal sales and marketing teams, and more.