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As the first and preferred pilot loyalty program in the industry, AVTRIP Points are available at more than 500 Avfuel-branded FBOs worldwide. Each of these locations consistently awards two points per gallon, but are you aware of the other ways you can earn points to help you accelerate toward cash rewards?

  1. Bonus Point Opportunities: Visit the AVTRIP Bonus Point Opportunities page to see which FBOs are offering a special AVTRIP promotion—double, triple, quadruple points and more!
  2. Reserve cars with Go Rentals. Go Rentals is now offering 250 AVTRIP Points per crew rental and an additional 250 AVTRIP Points when a crew member books a passenger’s rental.
  3. Plan a trip with Avplan Trip Support. First time? Earn 2,000 AVTRIP Points! All future business earns one point per qualifying dollar spent.
  4. Refer a friend to AVTRIP to earn 500 points when they list you on their application.
  5. Complete a survey distributed by Avfuel to earn free points. Watch your inbox for the next one, often included in our AVTRIP ENews or Contract Fuel ENews.
  6. Update your profile information (including your birthday and email) to receive up to 100 bonus points per year.
  7. Do absolutely nothing and watch your earned AVTRIP Points accelerate in your account.

Starting in 2017, AVTRIP will incorporate tiered rewards. The program will place members into one of three tiers—silver, gold or platinum—at the beginning of 2017 based on their historical data on fuel taken and FBOs visited. In the base silver tier, pilots will earn rewards as they are currently accustomed—a minimum of two points per gallon at all AVTRIP awarding locations, while rewards increase in the gold and platinum tiers.